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    How To Open 100+ Tabs In Chrome Without Crashing

    How To Open 100+ Tabs In Chrome Without Crashing

    Are u using so many tabs at a time?There is a lot of chances to crash your browser.Today I will explain how you can open 100+tabs in the browser without crashing.

    You need to just install an extension the extension will suspend the tabs in one minute if you do not use if you use then open the suspended tab and click refresh and the tab will reload in just a few seconds.Let me to start this tutorial.


    Go to chrome setting then extension and scroll down and add more extension.

    Search for the great suspender

    And install the extension

    After installing the extension will ask you in their setting how much time after you want to suspend  

     the tab then selects 1min this is recommended setting then scroll down ad save it.Now you can open 100+tabs without crashing the browser.

    iF you like my post then share it if you have any doubt then leave a comment in the comment section

    Thank you for reading this article.

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