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    Use Wp Smush Pro For Free No Null Plugin

    Use Wp Smush Pro For Free No Null Plugin

    For better loading of your site, you need to optimize your site.Also, you need to optimize images also because sometimes images are the main reason of increasing loading speed of blog.The one of the best plugin you can use in WordPress to compress image files without compromising on quality.If you have used this plugin then you can like this plugin.In the free version, there were so many limitations.If you want to smash unlimited images then you need to upgrade to pro version.In this guide, i will tell you how to upgrade to pro version without spending a penny.You need to just edit a little code in this plugin.

    Note-When You Edits The Code Always Confirm That codes Are matching With My Mentioned Codes.you need to identify the code exactly because the more codes look like same.

    First, go to your sites control panel if you don't know about control panel then ask your hosting provider.


    Go to Cpanel

    click on file manager

    then click on public_html on left site of the screen then right site click on wp-content then click on plugins.

    Then click on wp-smushit then go to lib folder

    then click on class-wp-smush.php then on top click on edit

    After go to the editer find this code

    if ( empty( $api_key ) ) {
    return false;

    Then change this code to like this

    if ( empty( $api_key ) ) {
    return true;

    Now click on save changes now login to your dashboard you can see the message you upgraded to pro version.

    If you have any doubts then plz leave a comment in the comment section.

    Thank you for reading this article

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