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    Configure D-Link DSL-2730U Modem+Router

    Configure D-Link DSL-2730U

    Some new peoples who new in PC internet that doesn't know how to configure a modem or router.Today I am going to configure D-Link 2730u modem+router


    .First, put your phone line wire into ADSL port

    .Then put ethernet cable to in 1yellow port and other site connect it into PC or laptop

    .Go to browser and go to the

    .Then enter username and password

    Default username and password is admin admin

    First, go to setup menu on top

    Then click on setup wizard

    Then click on next

    Then click on skip

    Then click on next

    Then select your country

    Then select your internet provider mine is bsnl

    After selecting your network provider the VCI VPP Value will be added automatically

    Then put your username and password provided by your internet service provider

    Then click on next button

    And put a tick mark n enable wireless network

    Then mark on visible

    Then choose security type to ''WEP''

    Then choose your password and click on next

    Then look your settings click on apply now you are done

    Now your internet light will be changed into green light if you put user id and password correctly

    if you have any doubts plz leave a comment in the comment section

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