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    Free video Editor For Professional Movie Ediiting

                          Free video Editor

    There are lot of free video editing softwares are available like windows movie maker or anything else but if you want something professional to give your video a professional look then just read this guide.By end of the post you don't have any doubts regarding this post.

    Procedure For Downloading The Software

    1.first go to hitfilm express site 

    2.Click on start now

    3.Then click on get hitfilm express here

    4.Now fill simple form like email id,name,password and submit.

    5.You will receive your download link in your gmail.

    6.Go to gmail on top of your gmail go to promotions then you will find your download link you will redirected to hitfilm download link and your download will start.

    free video editting software


    There was no limitation available on this software you can use unlimited functions on this software why you should buy 16000rupees adobe video softwares.

    Easy to use

    This software provides clear navigation for editting a video that means you don't need to any skills to edit videos.

    Awesome sound editing graphics that means you can add more audios in your video at desired duration.This feature is more complicate to edit but via this software you can easily edit video sounds.

    You can add links to your video this is a advance feature in this video editor.

    You can choose various quality to edit video like 1080p or 1280p or 720p and after editting you can share on your desire social media.

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    System requirements

    For windows

    Minimum o.s needed win 7 64bit version

    32bit version windows 7 will not work

    For mac

    10.earlier versions

    Minimum technical requirement

    Image result for hitfilm express system requirements

    Graphics processor with at least 512 MB video memory (2 GB or more recommended). Earliest graphics cardsHitFilm supports: NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series (2008) AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series 

    This is best free video editting software i recommend to you if you have any doubts then plz contact me at contact us page or leave a comment in the comment section.

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