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    How To Send Files To PC From Mobile Without USB Cable

    How To Send Files To PC From Mobile Without USB cable

    Hello, friends ever you irritated to finding your USB cable to transfer some files from mobile to PC.Then this trick is for you .But in this trick you need to spend some mobile data.

    Simple trick

    If you are a WhatsApp user then this trick will help you lot.Are you know WhatsApp web feature.This feature will help you to transfer your phone files to PC.

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    First, open your WhatsApp  then click on option(...)then click on WhatsApp web.Your phone camera will start for searching bar code.

    open your PC browser then type web.whatsapp.com or go here 

    You will see a bar code scan the barcode through your mobile WhatsApp. 

    Now your phone will connect to PC. 

    If you don't know about WhatsApp web then watch this video


    After connecting to the PC send a photo or files to any contacts of your list you will see your PC also sends same files because PC and mobile connected to the same WhatsApp.Just click on file you see on your WhatsApp on PC and download the file.Now your files transferred to PC.

    Now be side image you can see files download your files like you can see download icon download files on your computer now you are done.

    If you have any doubts plz leave a comment in the comment section

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