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    How To Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number Or Email

     How To Create Facebook Account Without Phone

    `Hello friends today I will tell u how to make the facebook account without your number.Sometimes you need fake accounts or you probably not want to give your personal email or phone to create a fake id.If you want to open without your number then read this article completely.

    Method 1: Use Disposable Mobile Numbers

    1.  Go to this site https://smsreceivefree.com/

    2 .Choose the number you want but remember no Indian numbers are available only united state number.

    3.Go to facebook .com

    4.Click on sign up button

    5.fill your details like name password birthdate.

    6.And fill phone number you copied from above mention site

    7.click on submit button.

    8.Now click on your selected phone number you will get all messages that received that number find your verification message because the same number also uses others so you need to find your message.

    9.Now your account will be created.

    Method 2: Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number

    In this method, you will be going to create an account with email but not with your personal email.

    1.Go to fakeemailgenerator.com

    2.Choose email you like to want

    3.Go to facebook.com 

    4.Click sign up fill sign up form after that give the email you copied from fakemailgenerator

    5.complete sign up process you will get a verification message on fakemailgenerator enter verification code to complete the signup process.

    6.Now you are all done

    If you have any doubts plz fill free to leave a comment in the comment section or contact us from contact us page

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