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    How To Fix Dead Pixel 71% Success Rate(Blackspot on screen)

                          How To Fix Dead Pixel

    Well stuck pixels are always created problems you will get irritated if you see them some time it will increase like cancers.I will show you some effective tricks to solve stuck pixels or dead pixels.These tricks help me lot to fix 70% of dead pixels.

    Why Dead Pixels Occurs

    Well, pixels are made from 3colours like red, green, blue sometimes due to power fluctuation pixels are stops working.or due to low voltage, it also stops working. But There are several ways are available to fix these problems.

    Look my dead pixel once

    This is my dead pixel

    After applying my tricks my pixels are started working and in present day its disappear

    Difference between dark or white pixels

    .Dark pixels are maybe it will possible to fix because these are stuck pixels 

    .White pixels are impossible to fix because the microfilament of screen is gone and there was no way to fix it


    Fix pixels

    Some software is available that forces to work dead pixels by flashing red or blue or green lights firstly. We are getting some effective software.


    This is an effective software that helps to fix pixels.Launch Jscreen app and drag the rectangular box to on dead pixel leave for 15minutes do it 5 to 4days.This software helped me a lot.

    Apply pressure

    Some cases it will cause due to loose transistors in pixels.Press pixels may be it will come back to normal.

    Use pen nib

    Use pen nib on stuck pixels due to sharp point pen press on pixels it will work a lot.

    Let us know if you are facing any problem contact us on comments or contact us page in the footer.

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