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    How To Get Fb Page From Profile And Get 5000 Likes Instantly

    Get 5000 Likes Instantly

    NOTE-You is not going to delete your profile you will use your profile as normal facebook will create a page according to your profile.

    If you are running a blog or site then you will know that facebook page is most important factor for the blog.This is the only way to reach your content to your audiences.If you are financially strong then you can run facebook advert to reach your audiences.For 5000likes you will be going to spent huge amount of money.I will tell you how to get genuine free 5000likes instantly.

    Steps required


    You need to create a profile or you can use your own profile which friend list has more that 1000 friends.How many friends in your list that count is your actually likes count.

    Note-Change your profile name to according to your blog or brand name because facebook will create a page as same as your profile name.If you want to change page name that is fewer chances facebook will approve your page name request.I am going to begin this tutorial.


    If you are using PC then go here if you are using mobile go here

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    In below screenshot go to the second option go to How do I convert my personal account to a Facebook Page?Or click here.


    In next screenshot, you can find an option like this Create a Facebook Page Based on Your Profile you need to click on it.


    Click on get started on next screen


    After clicking on get started you will get new facebook page that page have no likes.


    For gaining likes, you need to click on Profile to page tools on top corner


    After going to page tools click on select all
    Your all friends will appear then click on next.

    Now your friend's count list is your likes count list.

    Then click on finish.

    Now repeat this process once from profile to page tools.

    Now you will get all page likes  To your new page.

    You have 14days left to repeat this process you can add more friends and more likes.

    For demo page click here

    My advice

    Create a fake facebook account on girls name add a girls profile picture you can get so many friend requests then after gaining friends change your profile name and create a page because these type of pages facebook don't allow to change their facebook names.
    If you have any doubts plz leave a comment in the comment section if you will request I will make a video tutorial for you.

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