Atm Will Give You 100 Rupees Daily.Did You Know?

Daily atm will give you 100rupees free I will explain in this article.

Probably some time when we withdraw money from account transaction fails.Money deducts from your account but cash not comes and you will go to another atm.dont do that.this is the actually trick to get 100rupees free daily from atm.

for this reason, you can claim penalty from the bank the law of reserve bank of India if the transaction fails and the bank receives a complaint from you and if doesn't credit money with in seven days then payment and settlement system act 2007 then bank will pay you 100rupees penality daily.

first remember if the transaction fails with in 30days book a complaint with atm statement.give the information to bank like your card details,account number or atm id or location and date of transaction and time and the mostly important don't give your atm password.'which bank atm fails contact with that bank manager and take a stamp of bank and signature and receive a copy of your the complaint of your copy you can get 100 rupees daily.

after booking a complaint if money did not credit to your account within seven days then fill an anchor-5 form and give to the manager.

when you deposit your anchor-5 form then the penalty will count from that day and your money will be credited to your account with penalty amount.after this procedure bank not taking any action then reserve bank of India banking ombudsman to book a complaint online.then they will ask your details and bank details and your problem and they will contact your bank and your money will be credited with penalty amount.

well, this is a trick to get 100 rupees daily from your bank and if you have any doubt you can ask a question from a comment below.

if you want to read this article in Hindi then click here


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  2. MARIA WIFKINSON2 May 2017 at 06:25

    Nice sir lekin iske liye toh kharab atm chahiye


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