Common Router,Modem Problem And Their Solutions.

readers in this article I will tell you about common router problems and their solutions. everyone face problems in their modem or router.

how to configure the modem

to configuration router  enter in browser this URL may be different from a different brand.

and enter username password .default username is admin or password is admin or some case 1234 if you does not change.then enter manual configuration and after entering user id or password provided by internet service provider and save settings then your internet will work properly.

modem led and their meanings

first test the led when you give power to the modem  if led are glowing then all fine.

.1 POWER LED-it may be green or red it on mean your modem on properly.

2.ETHERNET LED--it glows when ethernet cable connected to router or computer.

.3 ADSL LED-this is wire connection provided by internet service provider.when your line is correctly connected to modem this led glows.

.4.INTERNET CONNECTION LED-when your internet is on it blinks green,when it is correctly not configured its blinks red,

when it is off that means your modem is in bridge mode.

how to connect wifi router

some routers connects directly like a modem but some routers need modem configuration.


first, configure modem correctly.when your internet is on then connect ethernet cable to routers wan port then configure your router DNS

if you can't find your correct DNS then login to modem and enter the DNS and enter the same DNS is router configuration.and set your wifi  password with security WEP this is the hardest security to crack.and connect your device to wifi network.

if your router LEDs are blinking like this means you need to replace router

if your routers all led are blinking then your router circuit damaged you need to reset the router if problem is not solved then return to your manufacturer most routers come with lifetime warranty.


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