Common Windows Phone Problems And Their Solutions.

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in this article, I will explain some common windows phone problems and their solution. by completely reading this article you don't have any doubts  about windows phone.let's begin.

1.update stocks at middle point

if you are facing this problem then you are not a first person.This problem occurs due to the unstable connection of wifi.check all your settings in wifi connect another device to wifi check if internet connection is working or not.if connection is working then connect your phone to the charger and wait for at least 2hours.if you want to discontinue then switch off your device for five minutes and try to reinstall it.

2.wifi not connected

.this is a common problem in windows phone when you try to connect a wifi signal then you got the message your phone cannot connect.

to escape this problem .go to setting>wifi then turn your wifi on.after turn on click on static IP and turn off static IP off.your wifi will connect.if the problem still persists then change your router network to 802.11b or 802.11g then your wifi will connect.

3.record calls

unfortunately, this problem not solved.if you want to record voice then download voice recorder and call the person and on the loud speaker.remember always call in silent place because noise also recorded.

4.gps not working properly wrong location

this problem is always happening.this is a great main advantage of windows phone because any other operating system does not support offline maps.Nokia introduced offline maps and Microsoft owned it.if you got the wrong location then update drive.maps here maps.if you are still getting the wrong location then it is due to signal blocking device .this device will block your phone signal connect to answer of this problem leave that place and walk away GPS will connect.sometimes maps license or agreement maintained it occurs or does not connect to wait for 3 to 4 days and try to reconnect.i also faced this problem. sad face

this problem occurs due to the rough use of your phone or wrong use of volume or power buttons. if you get sad face then don't worry you don't need to windows recovery tool just hard reset perfectly if you have doubt then watch hard reset video in youtube and try 10 to 15times problem will be solved. over wifi

if your phone suffering from poor connection then your mobile asks wifi due to the escape of pressure during slow escape from this problem connect wifi to another phone hotspot.switch off your device.and then try to start and download will start over the mobile network.this problem happens if your Microsoft account does not sign in regularly in your device to solve sign in regularly. setup

this is the Microsoft age restriction feature when you download an app this happens family set up needed .to rescue from this problem.login to your ms account in internet explorer and then change your date of birth.remember your age should be 18 or above set birth date like that

8.use share it between android to windows

to use shareit between android to windows turn on the hotspot in windows phone and connect wifi to windows phone using an android phone.remember you should have internet connection in your lumia.then open share it and use can stop internet connection while transferring data.don't stop internet sharing option.

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