How To Find Non-Copyright Image For Blog Using Google

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    Finding a non-copyright image for your blog is not an easy task.Sometimes you use the copyright images for your blog.Did you know you cannot rank in google if you are using copyrighted image?Sometimes you may be paying for this like the copyright holder can claim on you are a case using  their image.In this article, I will tell you how you can find the non-copyrighted image using most trusted search engine google.

First you need to go first

Then type your required keyword in the first box you can see I need WordPress related image so I typed WordPress.Then scroll down .You can find the size of an image.Choose 400*300 size it is recommended.

then scroll down and choose image format most recommended is jpeg.Then choose license of image to''free to use or share,even commercially''

Then click on advanced search your required image on your screen.

Now all set just click any image you want on your screen then click view image after that image will display in their original format then press ctrl+s and save the image in your desktop.thats set.

If you have any doubt leave a comment in the comment section


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