Blocking Low cpc Ads In Adsense Can Improve Your Earnings

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In this article, I am going to discuss the most trending trick about Adsense earnings. you can notice you are getting low CPC like 0.001 and you are searching for websites that how to increase CPC.some websites may answer you that blocking low CPC ads in AdSense can improve your CPC.Yes, it works but for those ones  who old in publishers field usually they don't get low CPC ads .Only new bloggers or YouTuber can get low CPC ads.Every advertiser wishes that their ad will play in top blogs and top channels and google charges for it like if the ad plays in popular blogs and channels then google charges high rate if it plays in low-quality blogs then the CPC would be low.

If you want to get high CPC Ads in your blog or channel I will recommend you to at least wait for become one year old to your blog or channel then you will notice your blog or channels started getting high CPC ads.

Blocking Low CPC Ads

As I mention only new blogger and YouTubers get low CPC ads.So there is no chance to play high CPC ads on your blog or channel because top advertiser wishes their ad would be playing in top blogs and channels.If you are blocking low CPC ads then you blog or channel stops receiving ads and there are no chance to get high CPC ad in your blog and as the result, your total earning is zero.

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Don't click on own ads

If you don't want to suspend your Adsense you need to avoid self-clicking on ads nd don't encourage to your family to click on your ads because of Adsense smarter than you if you clicks on your ads then Adsense counts as invalid clicks and Adsense clearly mentions than avoid invalid clicks in Adsense is publishers responsibility.If Adsense notices any suspect activity then they will reserve all rights to suspend your account anytime. They will never allow you in their program again.

If you are noticing invalid clicks then disable your monetization and fill the form and let Adsense know about invalid activity in your account and they will understand that not you are clicking on your own ads. 

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  1. sir how much time takes to recieve high cpc ads for my blog

  2. AS my advice may be one year if your blog receives more attention in short time then you will receive in one month


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