How To Add Google Fonts To WordPress

How To Add Google Fonts To WordPress

Writing is most important factor in blogging because some visitors attracts to seeing your writing .If your writing skills are better then you will become a good blogger because writing skills are matters in blogging because that is your profession.By default when you are using then default fonts are not attracting.You can change  your fonts in .There is 2methods to adding google fonts to .

Add Font Names In Function.php And Style.css

Find this code in function.php file

wp_enqueue_style( 'dashicons' );
wp_enqueue_style( 'google-fonts', '//,700|Oswald:400', array(), PARENT_THEME_VERSION );

You can see lora and oswald is my fonts you can replace this font names just search in googlefonts and thousands of fonts in front of your screen just replace the font names.Remember also replace the font names in style.css files.


in  this method you can use plugin plugin name is easy goole fonts

just install the plugin and activate the plugin.Then go to appearence  and then customize then go to typography you can choose fonts for paragraph and h2 tags and h3tags.After choosing your font just save and publish it.i recommend use plugin this is a best way to change fonts.

If you have any doubts then leave a comment in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this article.

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