How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Hello, friends facebook plays major role in our life now days.we can live without food some days but we can't live without facebook for one day.Facebook one social media that people loves to open daily for new thoughts and expressions.How many unknown people's daily meets and facebook also builds some love lives .When a great and brilliant student uses facebook it can harm his personal life.If you want to delete your facebook account permanently then read this guide I will explain step to step guide with pictures.

Note-If you really want to delete your account then after this method you will stay out from your account for 14days if you again open within 14days your won't delete permanently.

First, you need to go to facebook link is here,you can also go directly by clicking

Then click the icon shown in the picture .

Then click on magnifier glass then type ''how to delete account'' 

Then click on link appear in like this side image in red rectangular.

After  clicking on How do i permanently delete my account?Then click on let us know as shown below picture.

Then click on delete my account on next window.

Then enter your password and then captcha for you are a human or not.Then click on ok.

After clicking then you need to stay out from your account for 14days don't try to log in your account for 14days it will be deleted automatically if you logged in with in 14days then your account will again active.

After 14days you will feel good and enjoyble life.And this step is very tough but will power will do anything so stop using facebook after secure carrer you can reopen new account.

If you have any doubt then plz leave a comment in the comment section,plz share this article.

Thank you for reading this article    

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