How To Get Traffic To New Blog 2017(case study)

How To Get Traffic To New Blog

I know bringing traffic to the new blog is so tough because no one knows you.You should make your own identity on the internet.When a blogger writes a post he wishes to make his post viral.Without a correct strategy, he can rank.When topically comes to new blog ranking on google is so tough.Because you don't have any backlinks to your site so you cannot rank.So bringing traffic to a new blog is tough.I am going to show how to bring traffic to a new blog.Don't worry I don't use social media because if you are new then social media will don't know who are you.You can see some bloggers will say use social media but my opinion is to use social media but how I will say you.

How To Use Social Media When You Are New

Yes, when you are new in blogging then no one knows you so your responsibility is slowly to make your audience to know you.How when you posts something just share it on your social media accounts like FB page,twitter,and mostly in google plus.Don't worry about or it will reach slowly.Most popular is facebook if you will invest little amount then I will suggest just invest in facebook page promoting  but remember to promote when you have enough posts in your blog. 

My strategy about bringing traffic

 When I something searches on google then i will always notice how many search results will appear.There are some questions available that google knows less answer.Then write about that  topic you will definitely rank on google.

Rank Without google

Its sound good but wait you need google because your site doesn't, rank due to insufficient of backlinks then you need to pick up other sites to promote your blog through popular sites like forum.i will give you example on quora i types just simple question ''in my site in CPanel 15subdomain what is that'' and when I searched in google I see my question ranks on google.Then I make this strategy just found that keyword which is searched for writing your post about that topic and put your small description and put your link if your topic is helpful then people will come to your blog.

What is the actual meaning of this trick

When you writes a blog post your mission is to reach to the audience then you starts SEO  but some strategy needs to this but also forums are 100000 visitors put your blog post description there .Your goal is completed You bringing your traffic from a search engine or forums that not matter.Google also visitors and forum also daily thousands of people's visits forum for their answer so use forum like google after popularity you will earn some backlinks and you will rank on google.

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