How To Solve Mouse Not Working When Laptop Is On Charging

How To Solve Mouse Not Working When Laptop Is On Charging

when laptop is on charging

Sometime you will notice on your laptop when you plugs your charger laptop mouse pointer does not work correctly it gets laggy when you try to move it.After disconnects, the charge the mouse works correctly.In this article, I'm going to show you how to  solve this problem.

Reason Of This Problem

This problem happens when home electricity gets fluctuated and your charger gets shocked and its gives more charge to its  limit.For example, if your charger normal charge delivers volt is 19v if your charger gets an electric shock it delivers 20v charge and this is the problem when plug in your charger mouse does not work properly because the touchpad is more sensitive part of the laptop if your charger voltage slightly increases then your mouse gets laggy.Or if you are bought the charger from third parties like china. 

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How To Solve This Problem

If you are getting this problem then you need to decrease the charger volts amount.There are two ways to solve this problem.If you afford you can get a new charger from your laptop brand site.This will solve your problem 


You need to some technical experience don't worry this is so easy

Things you need

Cutting plier

Soldering iron


Cut the charger wire you will find two wire one black and second is white.The black wire is the negative and white wire is positive.You need to add the small resistor to positive wire means white wire.Remember small resistor if you use big resistor it will solve your problem but your laptop will charge slowly so as possible add a small resistor.Add the resistor to white wire then wrap a tape then connect the charger to the laptop.You will see your problem is solved.

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