How To Stop Computer From Hanging And Program Not Responding

How To Stop Computer From Hanging And Program Not Responding

If you are faced problem in computer hanging or program not responding then This guide is going help lot you.When you open lots of tab in the browser then the problem occurs.If you trying to close the tabs you can get a message in a program is not responding.In this guide,  i will help you to better work on the computer.


For better performance, you need to set high priority to your current program which you are working important work.If your computer hangs the other programs will be dismissed and your current program will safe because the operating system will give more program which you are set high priority.

How To Set High Priority To Current Program

First, go to task manager

press ctrl+shift+esc

task manager will open then click on applications you can see your current running application choose the application which you want to stop hanging .

Then click right and go to process and you can see your current running program again click right and go to set priority set it to high you can decrease chance of hanging off that program.

How To Stop Programs For Not Responding

If you opened a lot of programs and not closing and you have fear to if you close that programs your current program will stop then this trick will help you.

again go to task manager then select program then right click and click on end process your waste programs will be closed without a problem.

If you do not understand then watch my video

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  1. i have this problem with google chrome in my laptop. I Hope these tips will work for me. thanks buddy.


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