I Increased My Adsense CPC In Just One Day(case study

I Increased My Adsense CPC

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In this article, I am going to show you how to increase your Adsense CPC.Are you getting low CPC like 0.5dollar per click then this article for you?A few days ago when I get approved Adsense account my CPC is too low like 0.5dollar per click.Then I started experimenting on my Adsense then I found a good way to increase AdSense earnings. 

Let's start first go to your Adsense dashboard then click on allow and block ads.

Then click on content in left site of your Adsense dashboard

Then click on ad networks you can find all ad networks that they advertise on your blog or video.

Then block all ads.

Then make a complete list of blocked ads and compare the cpc rates of ads.

How to know cpc rate of ads

To compare CPC rates go to this site

                                                                                                                    Then copy advertiser names in blocked list and paste one by one to referral site you can see their cpc rates.

Just find high CPC advertiser and unblock their ads you will get good CPC than before

Increase by keyword planner

If you used keyword planner then you will notice bids site keyword.Just find keywords to your niche which are high paying keywords.Write post using that keyword you will earn high cpc.

If you have any doubt then watch my video

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  1. the best way to make much money from AdSense is to have huge traffic from search engines across different countries. having more than 50% of traffic from a country is not good enough because of AD BLINDNESS as your visitors from that country must've seen the ads on other website they visited and probably had clicked on them and don't see any reason to click on your ads again.
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  2. Greate article, thanks for sharing!


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