How To Change Facebook Homepage Style

How To Change Facebook Homepage Style

There is no doubt that facebook is most popular social media platform ever.If you are using old style facebook then you will definitely love the new homepage of facebook.Totally Ad free facebook.In this article, I will say how to change facebook homepage style .This is a very simple trick you don't need any experience.

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Let's Start The Tutorial

You can know this is old style facebook homepage and this is so boring.You want to make homepage interesting then follow this guide.


How To Change Facebook Homepage StyleGo to the google chrome setting then click on extensions on left side.Then scroll down and click on add more extensions.Then left side in search bar just search ''flatbook''.You will see the extension just install that extension on your chrome.

After installing the extension you need to open your facebook.Then congrats your new style home page is ready you will love after seeing your new home page.

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Thank you for reading this article.

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