How To Downgrade WordPress Version Under 1minute(with pictures)

How To Downgrade WordPress Version 

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best content management system(cms) ever 80% of bloggers uses WordPress because of its good support.WordPress developers are also updates the Wordpress versions.Sometimes new updates create problems.For example-I  updated my WordPress to version 4.7 and some time after I noticed that my site layout has been changed.Then I went into the dashboard and I noticed that the layout option is disappeared and my site looking worst.

Downgrade To Previous Version

I researched about the downgrade of WordPress. there is 3ways to get back to the previous version.

.via Cpanel

.via FTP

.via plugin

in Cpanel or Ftp if you are not correctly copy paste the previous versions of WordPress files then there is high risk to lost your data so I will say your safest way to downgrade.

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Downgrade Via Plugin

A plugin is available that easily get back to you your previous version of WordPress .

The plugin name is Downgrade

Just install the plugin and activate then go to setting then click on downgrade

Steps to downgrade WordPress via plugin

Go to the dashboard then settings then downgrade then you will see following screen shot

You need to add the older version WordPress link.

For getting, your version of Wordpress link go to

Point your mouse near zip of your version of WordPress and copy the link address.

Paste the link in the dialog box as shown in the picture .

Then click on save changes and click on Wordpress updates.After that press reinstall now you are rolled back to the previous version of WordPress.

NOTE:-In this procedure, you don't need worry about your data.Your site contents will safe.

You can simply watch this video to better understand about this procedure

If you have any doubts then plz leave a comment in the comment section

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  1. Yeah, It seems like that WP 4.7 version is creating some problems among bloggers.This article is definitely useful to downgrade WP without any issue


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