How To Fix BlueScreen Death Of Your Computer

How To Fix BlueScreen Death Of Your Computer

Sometimes you will face blue screen death error in PC this is the most common problem in the PC world.In today I will explain to you how to solve this problem in an easy way.

Why this problem occurs

This problem occurs due to corrupted window or corrupted hardware like the hard disk or any external hardware.

How to solve this

If you are getting blue death screen error then first check your ram slut clean dust and clean the ram with rubber.

Remove any external hardware if you installed then try if you still getting the error then it might your windows has been corrupted.

Get the error code visible on screen and type in google if you don't find any solution Then this time you need to install windows again.

Open your PC and go to Bios setup and make your Pc bootable from any one of these devices,DVD,Pendrive

Install the disk and pen drive which you installed the operating system,Then your problem will be solved .

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  1. This is a very helpful and well written post, really appreciate the pointers on how to fix it and will use this as a reference point. Thanks and wish you the best for 2017.


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