How To Get Adsense Approval Complete Guide 2017

How To Get Adsense Approval Complete Guide

First, let me clear that I got Adsense approval for 15posts.How you can get approval for your blog I will say.First, a thing I was rejected by Adsense because of insufficient content. So I wrote 2extra articles then I again applied for Adsense and this time I got approval.

My Adsense journey

When I first time applied for Adsense after applying there is no code I find in my dashboard even I cannot find my dashboard.When I logged into my account it's just saying your AdSense is not active or under reviewing.Foer second review you need to paste the ad code on your site under the head tag.But I did not find any code after two months I created a new google account and applied faced the same issue.Then I sign up AdMob in AdMob they asked for AdSense account I given the Gmail which dashboard not showing after signup process I again logged into my dashboard this time miracle happen to me I have seen my dashboard then I was able to for the second review.But this time I was rejected for insufficient content then I wrote two articles and again applied this time I got approved.I make more approvals for some new bloggers if you need to approval for your account then contact me on the contact us page.

How you can get approval

First, some things to be careful

I noticed that some of the new bloggers not making clean design theme if you liked a specific theme you can use your theme after AdSense approval.Some new bloggers making mistake here.For Adsense approval, you need to make your site user-friendly.If you make it for Ads then I am sure you will face rejection.You may know that Adsense reviewers are humans if you need to get approve for Adsense so you need to impress them.You can see Alltech monster this is the user-friendly site.

Steps to Getting Adsense approval

Create these pages


.About us page

.contact us page

.privacy policy

Some new bloggers creating category pages like android,making money online these are west you need put your pages to in front of reviewers if you don't that then they will reject your site as spammy.So create above pages and publish it will automatically shift under the site title.

Create categories

If your blog is more than one topic then create categories that people will able to find your content.If you create categories then google will understand you are serious about user experience.

Install clean design theme

If you install clean design theme then it will make more chances to Adsense approval but remember theme need to user responsive means compatible with any device.

I suggest go with studio press genesis theme install a parent theme after that install eleven 40 themes or eleven 40pro themes.Tese themes are responsive with clean design and loads faster.

Violence content

Google doesn't approve of adult content  or any other violence like hacking tricks read their privacy policy carefully.

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Apply Now

After making above changes apply for Adsense with 9posts if google rejects your application saying insufficient content then write more articles if saying about anything else then read their rejection mail carefully.


Make sure your site loads fastly or your site not in under construction,create a site and customize carefully you can see Alltech monster make site like that if you need to develop your site then contact me and hire me I will construct your site and give you fully approved AdSense account but I will charge little amount.

Hope this article,will help you if you have any doubts then leave a comment in the comment section



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