How To Promote ClickBank Products Without Website

How To Promote ClickBank Products Without Website

In this article,I will say you how to promote Clickbank products without having any website.The click bank is large affiliate marketing place.If you apply correct strategy you can earn 1000 of dollars from affiliate marketing without any website.This is a simple guide to making more money on affiliate marketing.


There is a simple trick available you know youtube is the 2nd search engine in the world.For this trick you need to make videos about making money online''Then in description put your affiliate link.


Create attractive making money online videos in the video you need to show your visitor how much you earning for.You can show your visitors to fake earnings as many video editors are available in the market.Remember always make good videos and good thumbnails.


Go to the Clickbank site you can go from here

after going to Clickbank make your new account on the Clickbank and then go to the marketplace you can see various categories choose your category and select your product.

Choose your product which you want to promote see the commission details and under the product click on promote button.You need to add your nickname and click on create button your affiliate link will create.

Now you can see the affiliate link was created you need to change this link because visitors will easily guess this is an affiliate link.go to or you can go from here

                                                                                                                       Add your affiliate link to TinyURL site the site will reduce the size and name of URL that user cannot guess that is the affiliate link.

Now you can see how I put my affiliate link under need to put like this

make 100dollars per day how click on this link.

Then earn like boss this is a simple trick if you cannot understand the method then watch this video

If you have any doubts plz leave a comment in the comment section

Thank you for reading this article

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