How To Remotely Operate Your Pc From Mobile

How To Remotely Operate Your Pc From Mobile

How much time you wish to control your Pc from mobile but remember one thing for this feature your PC or laptop must have the feature of wifi.If your computer has old model then this trick will won't work because old computers don't have wifi feature.This trick I will explain on my windows phone but the same app also available on android so let's start the tutorial.


In windows, mobile search in store mouse remote you can download from here.

For android mobile search in play store mouse kit, you can download here

after downloading the app you need to install the remote server file in your computer from app developer site. You will find remote server download link in your app.

After installing the remote server file just run the file on the computer and same time open your app.

note-You need to connect with wifi of your PC create a hotspot on mobile and connect.If you have a wifi router then both connect to the router.

open the remote server app on PC and the same time on your mobile.After running on PC the app automatically starts working.Then just open the app in mobile and you will see your PC name just connect with PC. 

You can see your app automatically detects PC IP address.


                                                                                                                 If your mobile cannot detect PC just click the plus(+) icon on mobile and enter the IP address displaying on remote server app on PC.Then click add button now your mobile is connected to PC.Now you can use your mobile as the wireless mouse,keyboard,also view your computer screen on mobile.

You can see in the image 1-mouse place


3-pc screen

you can operate all things in your pc through this app.

If you have any doubts plz leave a comment in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this article.

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