No Wifi Connection Are Showing On Windows Xp(solved)

No Wifi Connection Are Showing On Windows 

Recently Microsoft stopped support to Windows XP operating system.Some other users also use old operating system because they are may be unable to upgrade higher versions of Windows or they don't know how to upgrade.

Sometimes you will see the most common problem in WindowsXP that your wifi is on but you not to able see any networks.I will show you how to solve this in easy steps.

Check this in PC

Go to control panel

Then network connections.

then select a wireless network and go to the properties

Then choose wireless networks

then check the box on top saying use windows to the configuration 

After that, if still, you not finding any network that is possible you are turned off the wireless network this happens due to restoring your computer

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Check this

Turn on your computer when logo appears press f2 to enter setup mode

im saying for dell you can search on google for different brands.

After entering your setup menu you will see all details about your computer battery then find your wireless network

Then check wireless is on or sometime it gets off by default this is the main reason to not getting any networks.

If it is off then make on it will work 90% problems are to due to this setting.

If you have any question plz ask in comment section

Thank you for reading this article

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  1. [email protected]11 February 2017 at 10:19

    Very informative post, great job on delivering this tutorial post. There are really some technical difficulties being experienced by windows user that people who knows a lot about this stuff can be a good help to them. If ever I experience a problem like this in the future, I know what to do. Thank you for sharing this. Do you have tutorial videos available?


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