Top 4 Ways To Recover A Water Damaged Phone

Top 4 Ways To Recover A Water Damaged Phone

Dropping phones in water in today generation is common things.Today article I will show you how to repair a water damaged phone.You will be going to learn top 10ways to repair your water damaged phone.

1.Use Rice

The rice is in first place because rice is a best thing that observing water.If your phone is dropped in water then place your phone in the rice bag for 4days then your phone will be back to normal condition because the rice will absorb all the water your phone absorbed.

2.Use Hairdryer

Probably if your phone is just dropped in water and you pulled instantly then a hair dryer can help you.Put your hair dryer on hot air mode then give hot air to your phone for 1hr.Then Give time to your phone for cool down.Then power on your phone you will see it is back to normal.But you will notice that some decrease brightness on your phone due to hot air pressure but that change is not noticeable.

3.Use Sun

If you don't have hairdryer then use the sun as natural heat put your phone in front of sun it is better to disassemble your phone and put in front of the sun.Make sure you are not going to put your battery because battery never damages due to water.If you put your battery in front of the sun then your battery will damage.

4.Use Gas Stove

Gas stove is powerful heat machine.Disassemble your phone and put 15cm away from the gas stove.Then your phone will dry.


After dropping your phone into water remove instantly phone battery.Don't give power instantly because may be your phone hardware will damage and it will cause to permanent damage of your phone.

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