Ultimate Youtube SEO 2016 Updated

Ultimate Youtube SEO 2016Updated

In one day 405hours of videos uploaded into youtube.If you need to rank a video then you need to optimize the videos perfectly.Then you will sure rank your videos.

Do keyword research

Tools use

Best free tool is googles keyword planner

Find keywords that averagely gets monthly 3000 searches

Make a target keyword

Try to move the keyword to first line

Make 300words unique description use the target keyword in the description.  

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Optimize video properly

Add at least 20 tags to related to your niche

Search a video in your niche and select a video in results then press ctrl+u then ctrl+f then type a keyword and hit enter you can see top video tags copy and paste in your tags. 

Watch time

note:- Youtube can hear you repeat your seo word in video also 

Try to keep your visitors for first 15seconds in your video because google recommends it.

Make long time videos because if you make 2min video then 100 people watch then your watch time is 100min if you make 10min video if 100people see videos for 3min then your watch time is 300minutes 3time longer than short video then the videos will be shown in a suggested video.

I will make short tutorials for easy to understand.

If a video comes in 3rd results and gets maximum clicks than the first video then the youtube algorithms take your videos to the first rank in search results.

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