When Your PC Drivers Get Missing Or Corrupted

When Your PC Drivers Get Missing Or Corrupted

Can you ever irritated for your PC drivers don't worry about in today guide i will explain about drivers?I also faced too many problems about my drivers i have 3 laptops with different operating systems and daily faces driver issues someday wireless driver missing someday audio drivers will missing my days are spent fixing my drivers.

Fix drivers of PC Automatically

You can update install missing driver from this application talent driver

This is paid software you need to pay one time 19dollars and this program will automatic fix all drivers and installs missing driver.

Free software

This is free software you can use for fixing drivers but this is big file 10gb you don't need to install every time in new computer this is one one time installation you can copy the application and use with another pc this is free download driverpack.

Fix drivers manually

You can fix manually your drivers and also you can install manually.

Search your pc brand with model number in google for your manfaturer drivers.

You will go to your manfaturer site and go to support enter your model numbers and install which driver you need like for wireless or audio.

If you have driver or corrupted driver then simply update driver from device manager.

If you have a missing driver then run the driver like application.

If your driver downloades in example.exe then simply run it as adminstator it will automatically install the driver,

You can find more drivers for same feature but always remember you need to install correct driver.If your features not working then you are installed wrong driver delete the driver from folder.

For example :-I missed my wireless drivers and i found 12drivers from my dell manfacturer site i installed one by one then the last driver is worked. So you need to test if drivers are more then one if drivers not working uninstall driver in c folder .

Hope this will help you I f you have any doubts feel free to ask in comments.

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