Best Computer Shortcut Keys To Make Typing Easier

Best Ms. Word Shortcut Keys

Typing in ms word is little easier like we write our documents letters on ms word.Today I will be going to share some key shortcuts to make your typing easier on ms word.


Alt/F10:Activates menu bar

Ctrl+A: select all text

Ctrl+X/Shift+Delete :Cut Selected Item

Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Ins :Copy selected item

Ctrl+v/Ctri+Ins :paste 

Ctrl+P: Print

Ctrl+S: Save

F5: Refresh

Ctrl+ Alt+Delete :Restart system /Open Task Manager

Del: Delete selected item

Esc: Terminate Most Of Operations

Enter: Execute Program

Home/End: Goes to beginning/end of current time

Tab/shift+Tab: Select the next/previous item

Page up/Page down: Goes To the top/bottom of the document/Windows


F1: Universal help key, Sometimes also used to open task pane

F2:In windows,commonly used to Rename

F3: Often opens a search feature,Also generally used to cancel any running installation

F4: Open find window, Alt+F4 will close the program currently active in Microsoft windows

F5: In all modern browser,F5 refreshes /reload the page. Open the find/replace/go to window in Microsoft word.Start a slideshow in powerpoint 

F6: Move the cursor to the address bar in internet explorer and Mozilla firefox.Used to save file in Ms-Dos

F7: Commonly used to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft office program

F8: Generally used to enter the window start-up menu while booting

F9: Open the measurements toolbar in quark 5.0(DTP).Update the inbox in Lotus notes

F10: In Microsoft windows activates the menu bar of an open application

F11: Full-screen mode in all modern internet browsers

F12: Open the save as window in Microsoft word

Alt+Tab: Switch between application

Alt+Double-click: display property of the project

Alt+Print screen: Create a screenshot only for the program you are currently in 

Ctrl+print screen/print screen: create a screenshot of the entire screen

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Reboot the computer

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: immediately bring up the windows task manager

Ctrl+Esc: Bring up the windows start menu

Alt+Esc: Switch between open applications on taskbar

F3: Starts finds from the desktop

Shift+F10: Same as right-click on selected item

Right shift key for 8seconds:Turn  filter key on/off

Alt+Enter: Opens properties window of selected icon or program

Shift+Del: Delete files without throwing into the recycle bin

Alt+Down Arrow: Display all available options on drop down menu

*(on the keypad): Expand all folders ion the currently selected folder or drive in windows explorer

+(on the keypad): Expands only the currently selected folder in windows explorer

-(on the keypad): Collapses the currently selected folder in windows explorer

Alt+F4: Closes current open program

Ctrl+F4: Close single window in program

F6:Move Cursor to different windows explorer pane

Alt+Spacebar: Drops down the main windows control menu 

Left Alt+Left Shift+Prt Scr: Turn High contrast on/off

Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock: Turn Mouse key on/off

Shift 5 times: Turn sticky key on/off

Shift when you insert CD: stop automatically play

WINKEY: Open start

WINKEY+D:  Brings to the desktop to the top of all other window

WINKEY+M: Minimize all windows

WINKEY+Shift+M: Undo the minimize done by WINKEY+M or WINKEY+D

WINKEY+E: Open Microsoft explorer

WINKEY+Tab: Cycle through open programs through the taskbar

WINKEY+F: Display the window search

WINKEY+Ctrl+F: Display the search for computer windows 

WINKEY+F1: Display the Microsoft window help

WINKEY+R: Open the run command

WINKEY+U: Open utility Manager

WINKEY+L: Lock the computer

Num Lock for 5 sec: turn toggle key on/off

Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel: Zoom in/Zoom out

Mac os shortcut keys

Open Apple+?: Mac help

Open Apple+M: Minimize window

Open Apple+N: New finder window

Open Apple+shift+N: New Folder

Open Apple+W: Close current window

Open Apple+C: Copy the elected item to the clipboard

Open Apple+X: Cut the selected item

Open Apple+v: Paste item from the clipboard

Open Apple+L: Make alias

Open Apple+T: Add to favorites

Open Apple+O: Open the selected icons

Open Apple+F: Display the find dialog box

Open Apple+G: Repeat the last find operation

Linux Shortcut keysBest Computer Shortcut Keys To Make Typing Easier

Ctrl+Alt+F1...F6: Switch among the text terminals

Ctrl+Alt+F7...F12: Switch to GUI Mode

Tab: Auto-complete the command

Up/Down Arrow: Show previous/next command history

Ctrl+Alt+(+)(-): Increase/Decrease the screen resolution

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Restart the system

Ctrl+C: Kill The current Process

Ctrl+D: Long off from current terminal

Ctrl+Z: Send current process to the background

Ctrl+Tab: Go to the next virtual desktop(GUI)

Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Go to the previousvirtual desktop(GUI)

Ctrl+Alt+L: Lock the desktop

Ctrl+S: Stop the transfer process to the terminal

Ctrl+Q: resume the transfer process

Shift+page up/Down: Go to Top/bottom of the terminal

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