Blogging Is For You Or Not?Read Detailed Guide.

Blogging Is For You Or Not

This is the first line I would like to clear that blogging is not an easy task.You can get inspire from bloggers that already succeed but you can't know how they faced problems in starting.In today's post I'm going to clear that can you do blogging or do anything else.

Make Passion Not Do It For Profit

If you read some bloggers story and there you would think that you can start blogging and you will make money soon but that is wrong if you love your passion then it can be converted to political business.How I will explain if you have huge knowledge about a niche you can start blogging but if you can see others are doing you can do it it's wrong.

If you see others blog and might there were some chances to stuck in your mind that you can read other people's content and you will try to rewrite with some modification but if you modify content that no one will like that content with modification.Try always write articles that no one was written before.
Blogging Is For You Or Not?Read Detailed Guide.

If you write quality content then people will naturally link you and attract to your blog then you can earn money from blogging.

if you started a blog and put ads then no one like your blog to visit this is real truth of today blogging.So make blogging your passion from the heart then try to win readers heart then you will definitely achieve success.

Link building

I am sure if you are new you only know that writing a post and publish now you are done.You will get more traffic that's wrong.You need links to visitors get to your blog.If in simple language I will explain your blog is your house and links are your neighbors.If someone wants to know about you how you are good or bad then they will ask you to your neighbors already who get reputed in society after asking to neighbors they will come to your home same principle is works on the blog.

If your content is good then people always mention your blog in their post.You don't need to make backlinks for quality articles.Quality articles always will find by google easily.

If you want to rank on google you need to backlinks without backlink no one can rank on google or other search engines.

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Blogging Needs Time

If you thinking to blog no need timing that's wrong.The blog actually needs least 4hours per day.Because you need to write articles and do link building promoting your content so you need time to make blogging.If you are in other job give least 4hours to blogging if it gives you profit then you can go for full time blogging.

I Recommend using Blogspot platform for blogging if you are new is good because you not need to pay for hosting.If you can see visitors are coming to your blog you can host your blog on self-hosted WordPress platform.

if you are planning on BlogSpot then use custom domain no one interest on the domain like

If you are ready to do above mention points then you can start your blog today.IF you need any help plz contact me on contact us form or leave a comment in the comment section.

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