Protect Eyes From PC Screen Without Putting Eye Glasses

Protect Eyes From PC Screen Without Putting Eye Glasses

If you are going to buy computer glasses for your eyes because you feeling stressful when watching your PC screen if you faced the same problem then I bought a solution for you.

Why Brain Feels Stress

Mostly all screens are made from 3color like red, blue, green and the blue is more accurate color that when our eye watches to PC screen the brain detects the blue color and probably brain thinks the entire screen is more blue color than others then brain starts reacting and brain feels stressful without doing anything.The main reason of behind is color blue.


The solution is we need to change screen color to another color don't be scared.Just going to change through small software called flux.Install flux and run.

This is the best software to keep your eyes warm from the screen this software will automatically adjust the screen color according to time but I will recommend you to change the screen color from an original.


How to use it

You can see flux icon on the bottom of the computer click on it.

You will see the screen like this-this is automated adjust color.

Then click on setting and adjust two pointers light brown is good for eyes.

My Personal Experience

Before using this software I sit near my system at 10.00am and 12.00pm I have so tired I wish someone can give me permission go and sleep.After using this trick I don't get tired of watching PC screen I also amazed believe me.

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  1. awesome information... this software is better than using Glasses...


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