What is Guest Blogging – A Comprehensive Guide

What is Guest Blogging – A Comprehensive Guide

Guest posting or guest blogging just as the name implies means writing on another person's blog

or website, either to showcase your writing prowess or to gain a backlink to your own blog. Guest

blogging is one of the best way of getting targeted, human, white hat and legitimate traffic. There

are many ways of getting web traffic (visitors), but one of the quickest ways is guest blogging.

For a prolific writer or determined webmaster or blog owner, guest posting is one major way of

getting quality free unlimited traffic to your site. If you able to curate interesting engaging and

unique article, you can reach any length in guest posting.

How to do Guest Blogging?

Let’s begin with the whole procedure of learning Guest Posting.

Step 1:

Search your topic (niche)

For you to be a successful guest blogger, the first step is to search for influential people in the

same topic with your blog. However, they are not necessarily influential but (after all) they must

have been in the game ahead of you. The procedure is now simple, you can just log on to any search

engine (Google, ask or Bing), type your topic, for instance, if your topic relates to health and

fitness, in the search box type " health and fitness blog that allow guest blogging or guest

posting", in the result, ou will see hand-full of them.

You can also use the following queries to search blogs which are accepting Guest Posts.

 keyword “submit a guest post”

 keyword “accepting guest posts”

 keyword “guest post guidelines”

 keyword “guest post”

Step 2

Select the one you like to try: After seen the results select the one you seems more familiar with

your niche. Selecting the best one that suit your title and category can greatly determine if your

application will be approved.

Step 3

Contact The Owner: Look for the contact us detail of the blog, then send the owner of the blog

a personal message. Please note, this should be a more or less like business proposal, make it

professional, write it carefully and interestingly, this is because 'first impression last longer'

present yourself formally so as to have a higher chance of been accepted.

To do it best, you can attach the samples of your work (probably give them the best ones).

Step 4

Maximize Your Reach: What you need to do here is to reach out to few bloggers, this will give

you a more chances of been picked up. This is because if, one sees your work as unprofessional,

it might be the taste of others, so having a large outreach will do you a great favor.

Lastly, try to improve your writing skills day-in- day out, this is because, there are some

requirement these bloggers are expecting from you, this is because most of them are bloggers

with an established name. So they will do all things possible to maintain their dignity and to

avoid loosing their readership base.


If you wish to go for guest blogging. It’s a proven free method of getting legitimate backlinks

and long-term quality visitors to your blog.

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