Secure Your Android Device With More Secure Lock

Secure Your Android Device With More Secure Lock

Well, sometimes you need to secure your android device with more advanced security system available in your device.Today we are going to say u about the smart lock on your android phone so let's start the android tutorial.


Set your phone lock with common locks like password, patterns.


Go to phone and phones security system


Go to secure lock setting


Go to smart lock


Unlock which password you choose as default this will unlock smart lock option


You can see 4 to 5option in some phones face unlock is available but i trust only on Trusted voice


On the say ok google any time


Say ok google in 3times in one style your phone will recognize your voice any time if you change style of saying ok google your phone won't unlock then you need to use default password

If any one have faced any issue in while setting smart lock plz leave a comment in the comment section

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